Know-how that knows no borders

The Border Triangle offers huge scope for economic development. This is due in part to the varied education and research infrastructure. The region is home to several universities – the University of Flensburg and the University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg. Moreover, the Business Academy Southwest and the local campus of the University College South Denmark are also located in Sønderborg. Students can visit the university’s second campus.

The academic focus of some 6,500 students ranges from mechatronics, engineering and production management to social sciences and economics. The University of Southern Denmark is also responsible for the business administration courses in Sønderborg and the European Studies course offered jointly with the University of Flensburg.

About 8,400 students are enrolled at the University of Flensburg and at the city’s University of Applied Sciences. In their main fields, the two institutions focus on education, economics, informatics, electrical engineering and engineering, regenerative energy technology and logistics. 

The regional research institutes already have an effect on the economy by contributing to noticeable growth. For example, the education establishments make a considerable contribution towards securing the long-term supply of skilled labour in the region.