With energy into the future

The Border Triangle plays a significant pioneering role in the development of energy-efficient technologies and the use of renewable energies. The prospects for the future are excellent thanks to the existing high-tech expertise of the local companies. With their assistance and the outstanding work of the research centres Wind Energy Technology Institute (WETI) and the Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (ZNES), the entire region is moving towards a climate-friendly future in which CO2 emissions are lowered for the benefit of people and the environment.

A further significant driver is the Danish city of Sønderborg with its ambitious climate targets. It intends to pursue these targets with the assistance of the established “ProjectZero” initiative. For example, Sønderborg wants to transform itself into a CO2-neutral region by 2029. To achieve this goal, even very young Danish children in kindergartens are informed about their responsibility to nature and the dangers of climate change. In addition, the project is marked by extensive participation of local citizens, education institutions and companies as international partners.

Like Sønderborg, Flensburg on the German side of the border also supports ambitious climate goals. The two Flensburg universities are members of Flensburger Klimapakt e.V. and aim to lower energy consumption in the Flensburg region and achieve CO2 neutrality by 2050 for the entire Border Triangle.