A statement for the future

The Border Triangle is unique in terms of its location along the border, an attractive labour market and access to new markets.

The Danish municipality Aabenraa und Sønderborg have established the trademark “Border Triangle” jointly with the German city of Flensburg. Above all the large area on the so-called Jutland route (A7/E45) makes this region a gateway to Scandinavia and also to Germany and Central Europe. It links Northern Germany and Hamburg to Denmark and, further afield, to Sweden and Norway.

With 224,000 inhabitants in all, the Border Triangle offers a pool of labour that is comparable to that of a large city. This is an important advantage for established companies as well as newcomers . And the Border Triangle offers more: the overall region’s economic strength and the opportunities that arise from the focus on specific sectors. These include logistics and production management, the modern food industry as well as the technology sector, renewable energies and science-oriented businesses and services.