Way of life - living, working, recreation

The high quality of life in the Border Triangle is characterised by its variety. The combination of German and Danish cities and regions is unique in offering an attractive place to live with a Scandinavian way of life. With its maritime and tourist focus, the region offers an attractive range of recreational opportunities. These “soft” factors and the positive image play a significant role not just for families that already live in the region. They are also becoming increasingly important when it comes to attracting skilled employees.

The Border Triangle offers family-friendly working arrangements in companies and house prices that are lower than in the metropolitan cities Hamburg or Copenhagen. Pre-school and school care facilities are also key factors that make the region more family-friendly. They provide ideal conditions in which family and job can be reconciled.

Besides the excellent care facilities, the Border Triangle has further aspects that make it a region with a high quality of life and relatively low living costs for families. The environmental conditions and quality of life are positively influenced by the natural features, climate friendliness and active environmental protection. In addition, living in a maritime urban environment in Flensburg and in Sønderborg with its “Sønderborg Harbor Masterplan” is also gaining in significance.